Dyllann wins another Beyond Music Creativity Award

The Beyond Foundation presents the 7th Creativity Award to the song “Our world is blue”. It was created by 14 artists from nine countries, which means a record number of collaborators: Jörg Schnabel from Germany, Freja Eriksen from Denmark, Heather Ella Rose from England, KiKi Nam Nam from India, Ingrid White from Cameroon, Judith Jakob from Germany, Kate Northrop from USA, Sonja Wiedebusch from Germany, Diego Origlia from Italy, Niza Simukonda from Zambia, Marnix Möhring from Germany, Dyllann from Cameroon, Sandro Friedrich from Switzerland, and Valentin from Germany.

“Our world is blue” is a declaration of love to our blue planet. It describes the beauty of our world in colorful pictures and is nevertheless critical. This song should remind people of the unique but fragile beauty of our world. 

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