Divine Verkijika also known as Dyllann (Born 15 Dec 1991) is a Cameroonian Pop/Afro-fusion Artist, & Activist. He is Winner of Beyond Music Creativity Award 2020, National finalist at Afrimusic Song Contest 2018 and Winner of the KamerFest Music Competition 2018.  He started Music in 2007, known as Street J, and in 2018, he rebranded himself as Dyllann.  His renowned works include, Appreciate (2018) Second Base (2019) Let Your Light Shine (2020)

He addresses topical issues in his music and uses his creative and entrepreneurial skills to raise awareness and take action on social issues affecting us. In June 2019, he launched a campaign against depression with a song titled “Open Up”

In 2019 he released a compilation album titled Mixed Heritage; and in April 2020 he released an EP titled “This Is Me”. He has collaborated with names like Elly Kellner, Djay Large Pro, 2LE, McCoy TWAP, Master Roboster, Sedi B, Eazy Priest and Djay Karl. He has also featured with artists from Israel, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

He served as Rapporteur for Programs Commission for Cameroon Performance Rights Organization (SONACAM); as executive secretary for leading Cameroon music syndicate – ACAFEMMI; and as vice secretary for “Reveilon Nationale Du Vivre Ensenmble”. He runs his own music label Tittup Music as well as Music Publishing/Promotion Company Kintaty Sarl. Managed by Lux Music Group, USA.

Currently Serves as Divisional President for Cameroon National Youth Council, Bui and Author of Several Articles Addressing Culture and Societal issues such as “Failure of Oral Tradition” and “Rethinking African Cultures”


  • Creativity Award – Beyond Music 2020
  • Corona Special Award – Beyond Music 2020


This Is Me (EP) 2020

Mixed Heritage (LP) 2019

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